Super pissed that roooop has time for tumblr but can’t take 2 seconds to text me back. Only posting this here because I know you’ll read it.
I ain’t even gonna reply if you text me back ­čśí­čĹ╗Ôťő­čĹŐ



moms are probably the most patient and loving people. You screw up and theyÔÇÖll just keep forgiving you. TheyÔÇÖll keep praying for you.

Now imagine Gods infinite love and mercy. The source of where your mom gets her love and compassion from.

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Anonymous asked:

You're still here?

The Dynamo of Volition Answer:

Yeah. I went off for a while because of school and life butttt then I stopped caring about school as much and got bored in class…one thing lead to another and I had to find something to do in class cause nooo way clinical toxicology is ENTERTAINING. Ya feel?

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to cry when your mother dies? Like a little baby hahahahaha

The Dynamo of Volition Answer:




Can you just leave me alone?? Just leave me alone.

You can keep making your rude remarks and hide your identity all you want, but Allah is all knowing and sees what you do! Fear Allah and stop being a lame ass

I donÔÇÖt normally swear but you sick bastard! Who the hell are you to say such cruel stuff like this!

Dear sister, dont feel disheartened by such comments. I will pray for your mum. May Allah grant her shifa and good health.

I was 18 when my mom died. I cried for DAYS like a baby. If you DONT cry when your mom does, you got PROBLEMS. If you make jokes about someone’s mom dying….may the good lord give you the brazen flames of hell

I’m still praying for your mother, and all our mothers. May Allah allow her to wake up and be well so you can smile with her again

"If one night you see someone committing a sin, tomorrow do not look at him as a sinner. He may have repented during the night and you did not know."
- Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S)

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A Syrian childÔÇÖs tears that will break your heart. Share this so the world can see how our innocent children are treatedÔÇŽ may Allaah ´Ě╗ be with them!

May Allah protect them.

Suriyeli masum ve mazlum ├žocu─čun g├Âzya┼člar─▒ÔÇŽ.
─░nsanl─▒k bu g├Âzya┼člar─▒nda bo─čulmakta..
Allah┬á´Ě╗Yard─▒mc─▒lar─▒ Olsun.. AM─░N

I want to douse each of BasharÔÇÖs limbs one by one in kerosene and light a match and make sure the flames do not spread to any other part of his body except the one I wish to see burn and then as that extremityÔÇÖs flesh sloughs off like melted wax and when all that is┬áleft of it is┬ácharred bone, only then will I move on to the next one. And so on and so forth until he is entirely limbless, and yeah, that includes down there.┬áHeÔÇÖd still be alive but merely a torso and a head. And then and only then would he be granted the mercy of death.

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stuff you ask your mom:

  • mom whereÔÇÖs my towel
  • mom what do we eat for dinner
  • mom what time is it
  • mom whereÔÇÖs my phone
  • mom when do you come back
  • mom what day is it

stuff you ask your dad

  • dad where is mom

I miss my mom

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